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Carpet beetles occur naturally outdoors and come into building from there. They may enter through improperly sealed or improperly screened doors and windows. There are several species of carpet beetle, including the two-spot carpet beetle (Attagenus pellio), the furniture carpet beetle (Anthrenus flaviceps) and the varied carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci). Get Control Now

Types Of Carpet Beetle

There are two basic groups of Carpet Beetles: the Black Carpet Beetles and Varied, Common and Furniture Carpet Beetles.

The adult Black Carpet Beetle is black in color and oblong shaped and the size varies from 1/8" up to 3/16" in length. The other three, though of the same size, will have a variety of different wing color patterns and are more oval in shape.

Life Cycle Of Carpet Beetle

The life cycle of the carpet beetle. Carpet beetles undergo complete metamorphosis. The adult lives 20 to 60 days and lays 30 to 100 eggs, which hatch in 6 to 20 days. The larva lasts 60 to 325 days. Both the larval and adult stages damage fabric. (Actual size of adult 1/10-1/3 inch, or 2.5-5 mm).

How Carpet Beetles are harmful?

Carpet Beetles can cause allergies, damage fabric, etc.

Control & Prevention TipsGet Control Now

  1. Vaccum carpets regularly.
  2. If possible get it dry cleaned twice a month.
  3. Keep pest away from carpets.Top
  4. Consult a pest control company.


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