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Mosquito Control

The mosquitoes are insects which make up the family Culicidae. There are approximately 3,000 different species of mosquitoes throughout the world. They have a pair of scaled wings, a pair of halteres, a slender body, and long legs. The females of most mosquito species suck blood (hematophagy) from other animals, which has made them the most deadly disease vectors known to man, killing millions of people over thousands of years and continuing to kill millions per year by the spread of diseases.

Life Cycle Of Mosquitoes

There are four stages to the life cycle of a mosquito: egg, larva, pupa Get Control Nowand adult.

-The female mosquito needs the blood meal to develop her eggs.  Male mosquitoes do not bite - they feed solely on plant nectar.

-Female mosquitoes can develop several hundred eggs at each blood meal and lay them in or around water. The eggs are attached to one another to form a raft or the individual eggs float on the water.

-These eggs hatch within 24-48 hours releasing larvae that are commonly called "wrigglers" because you can usually see them wriggling up and down from the surface of the water.  Wrigglers occur in all kinds of standing water, such as; ditches, woodland pools and kept bird baths - anything that holds water for more than a week.

-In about 7-10 days after the eggs hatch, larvae change to pupa before becoming adult mosquitoes.  The newly emerging mosquito has to stand on still water for a few minutes to dry its wings before it can fly away. That is one reason that mosquitoes don't breed in rapidly moving water such as running brooks and streams or even a pond that has a fountain.

-The female mosquito begins to seek out an animal to feed on several days after emerging from the water.  Adult mosquitoes can live for a period of four to eight weeks.Top

Danger from Mosquitoes

Mosquito bite can cause many life threatening diseases like malaria, typhoid, etc. They can transmit virus from one person to another. They can even become a trouble while you are busy doing some important work. They can even give you some skin disorders, etc.

Control & Prevention Tips

Eliminate standing water - Mosquitoes will breed in any puddle that last more than 4 days. Get Control Now
  1. Remove Old Tires
  2. Tin cans, plastic containers
  3. Make sure roof gutters are draining properly
  4. Chlorinate swimming pools.
  5. Aerate Garden ponds or stock them with fish.
  6. Change water in bird baths (twice weekly)
  7. Empty plastic wading pools when not in use
  8. Wear long, loose and light-colored clothing.
  9. Use insect repellent products with no more than 35% DEET for adults and less than 10 % for children.
  10. Use mosquito net.
  11. You can natural insect repellent.
  12. Spray kerosene on stagnant water as kerosene helps in killing and keeping mosquitoes away.Top
  13. Consult a Professional Pest Control Company.


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